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Welcome to our web page

Enalyse Kft. is a business venture that specializes in integrating data from measured data acquisition systems. Our main profile is to design and operate energetics information systems based upon constantly measured data.

Services we offer to our customers include:

  • to integrate data from extinguishing measured data acquisition systems
  • to add further measured data, production information and purchase prices to data acquisition systems
  • to use them to prepare a complex energy balance relying upon realistic data
  • to assign energetics, production and cost figures to cost centers
  • to use the above data to calculate energy and cost specifics, indicators such as energy consumption per specific product
  • as a result thereof, relying on realistic data, to map devices and solutions operating at worst efficiency with a view to energetics, that is, sources of loss
  • to prepare proposals and solutions to increase their efficiency.

Should you feel interested in the aforesaid, please read the product information below or contact us so that we can present to your company at your site, at a date fixed previously, what options our system offers in cutting energetics costs.